Eku Corona o. Let me gist you people small gist.

Every morning, as I leave for work, I turn onto the highway from a major junction where a sign says “LEFT TURN ONLY”. The sign is clearly there to tell people that they can only make a left into the highway. If you need to go to the other side of town, you only need to make that left turn, drive for a minute, then make a right. …

Onitsha market fire. Copyright The Sun Nigeria

On October 16, 2019, a tragic fire incident occurred at the Onitsha market, leading to major property losses (The National Emerency Management Authority could not confirm if any lives were lost). The incident trended on social media. After a few days, treated to the usual thoughts and prayers, threads and counter threads, we all moved on. Of course, the governor of Anambra State paid the perfunctory visit and usual audio-cash donations poured in.

After the ash settled, the people who lost lives and property realized they had only themselves to look up to. No help is coming. They were either…

About a year ago I started working on the film, Up North, one of the biggest films ever made in Nollywood. It’s been the most amazing adventure of my life, so I thought to share some of the stories from the production. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been sharing stories on Twitter, but I think it’s best to blog these stories. So here we are.

For my first Up North Blog, I will be writing about Banky Wellington, our leading man.


If you have watched the timeless classic, Sound of Music, you are probably familiar with the infamous reproach song “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Maria was a young girl who had committed to serving in the convent, with great intentions too, but hard as she tried, always ran afoul of the convent rules.

In the end, to solve the problem that was Maria, the convent leadership sent her out into the world. …

Art by Justin Irabor (Twitter @TheVunderkind)

The business journey of most young Nigerians often begins with them tired of being broke, hungry, and a disgrace to their family. To alleviate the situation, they decide to do something.

Now, “something” here is to be taken exactly at face value. If you’ve ever met a young Nigerian who has been looking for a job for 3 years after graduating from university or college, you would probably hear phrases along the lines of “I just need something to do. Anything.”

This is the kind of something that comes to mind when the young person decides to start the small…

Everyone in Nigeria has heard or experienced the phrase “Manage It Like That”. Except you have just dropped out of the abroad into Nigerian airspace, it is virtually impossible to have regular interaction with Nigerians over the course of 24 hours without interacting with this phrase, either verbally or in action.

If you are the (un)lucky human who just fell into the Nigerian airspace, and on account of that have never experienced “Manage It Like That”, introductions are in order. If it’s night in the sky, look over the city you’re about to land on. Is there light? No? You…

In the second quarter of 2018, my dad sent me a picture of children learning to use a computer in a colourful classroom in the village primary school I attended 25 years ago. He followed up that message with a short prayer, “God bless you abundantly”, then a message of pride “You did it.”

In reality, it was “we did it”. Five months before then, I had visited this school, and left with a lot of pain in my heart. This is what I saw:

Let’s begin here, a legitimate note of caution.

In this deleted tweet, Iyin had argued against crucifying young Nigerians who are trying to lead movements towards a different direction for Nigeria, on account of their past associations.

As most people know, Iyin is a good friend, and during the day, I work for him. Sometimes we work in the same industry, and we also agree on most things. One of the things we often disagree on is how to handle disappointment with leadership and dissent as a tool in bringing about positive change.

We have argued on and offline about…

In April 2017, I wrote about this family living on the outer perimeter of the Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort in Akwa Ibom, who desperately needed help. 24 hours after writing that post, we raised about N1,200,000. That’s when I realized we could actually go ahead and build that family a new home.

It is a great pleasure to write that that family is now living in their home, and the girl, Bright, the one whose writing started this whole adventure, is in a new school, and doing well.

Started from here

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Now we are here

Full disclosure, I work at a digital agency www.anakle.com

Two months ago, when I thought of writing this post, I was working on a presentation for small businesses in our Forward by Anakle programme. The plan then was to show the value of digital technology beyond social media, but as I wrote, the post took on a life of its own abusing companies who only offered social media services as digital marketing.

But because I’m really a good person I’ve deleted the diss track and left behind what I hope is a useful list of some important things to watch out for before hiring a digital agency.

Your agency needs to know what’s up

What is…

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